From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue.

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue
Want 10x ROI? Yes, it's possible - when you choose our Facebook Ad agency.

Want 10x ROI? Yes, it's possible - when you choose our Facebook Ad agency.

Want 10x ROI? Yes, it's possible - when you choose our Facebook Ad agency.

For more than 10 years , our awesome team of social media specialists have worked with businesses of all sizes to implement Facebook ad campaigns that have collectively generated millions of dollars in profit.

While delivering these incredible outcomes for our clients, we’ve also accumulated a huge amount of data that enables us to optimize all future Facebook marketing efforts. This effectively gives us a leg up over our competition and means you’ll see awe-inspiring results- whether you’re interested in lead generation, more Facebook followers, increased online sales or awareness.

Well-known for being a financial black hole for brands, a lot of businesses spend substantial amounts on Facebook ads and various other digital marketing channels without seeing any of the results they wanted. This is often due to their chosen Facebook advertising agencies  having a quantity (of clients) focus instead of quality (of results).

Teaming up with First Page means you’re engaging with an agency that is driven by one major factor: results. We have the knowledge and experience to create Facebook strategies and campaigns that will meet and exceed every one of your expectations, smashing all of the business goals you set for us.

Our engaging Facebook Ads will supercharge your conversion rates.

Our engaging Facebook Ads will supercharge your conversion rates.

Our engaging Facebook Ads will supercharge your conversion rates.

Indeed, Facebook advertising offers a massive amount of potential in terms of digital marketing. But when you choose the wrong advertising agency to get the job done, you can pretty much wave goodbye to your investment. There are a heck of a lot of subpar contractors working in the Facebook ads industry who, as soon as you’ve made your payment, become dust in the wind.

They’re too busy caring about getting the next client on their books to take the necessary time to do things like build out your custom audiences or create engaging ad creative or copy. This leads to underperforming campaigns that probably aren’t even optimized to provide you with the ROI you should be getting.

Skip all the stresses and headaches and choose First Page to develop your Facebook advertising campaign. We will keep in contact with you throughout the entire process, updating you regularly every step of the way. We pride ourselves in being fully transparent, which also includes showing you exactly where your budget has gone and why.

Whichever industry you operate in, we’ve got the expertise to develop a unique strategy that perfectly aligns with your business goals and brand. Using the invaluable data we’ve accumulated, we will generate custom audiences for precision ad targeting that converts at an exceptional rate.

At First Page U.S.A., we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses inside and out to generate target audience segments that are likely to click. This also allows us to conduct optimization while the campaign is live, which leads to a much better ROI.

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Can't possibly ask for more - Khairul is very efficient at his work, thanks all!
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All of you have been prompt in getting things done. Thank you.
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Professional, responsible and responsive agency to work with. Definitely will recommend to others. Thanks.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Your services are professional, timely and efficient!
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We see results and we are happy that the marketing side of things are being looked after by professional like yourself
Incredibly focused Facebook Ads to grow your brand.

Incredibly focused Facebook Ads to grow your brand.

Incredibly focused Facebook Ads to grow your brand.

No matter the size of your business, First Page is the Facebook ad agency known for our uniquely data-driven advertising that blows marketing goals out of the water. Here’s why:

We know the most intricate ways to use what’s called the lookalike audience feature available in Facebook ads manager. What this does is allow us to communicate to prospective customers that are similar in their traits to your existing target audience; a great opportunity to bring in new business. And on top of conducting an in-depth competitor analysis, our team will implement a Facebook ad strategy that engages the users that are the most likely to convert.

Additionally, we use a Facebook pixel to track visitors to your website (with compelling ad copy/creative), which also helps us drive them to make a purchase. By tapping into this same data, we’re also able to uncover any possible new audience segments we should be speaking to and expand your target audience in the process.

These are just two of the elements we will utilize to build up your highly effective Facebook Ads campaign. We take the time to carefully address all of the intricate details to ensure our clients see the best results, and it is this unmatched take that sets us apart from other Facebook advertising services.

Hop on board the First Page train for a ride to success.

Hop on board the First Page train for a ride to success.

Hop on board the First Page train for a ride to success.

Have you been trying to figure out the best approach to promote on Facebook so your most qualified customers see it? You need to get on board the First Page train and experience our Facebook Ads campaigns.

We know just how much of an impact a customized and well-executed campaign can make on a business, helping it grow substantially almost overnight. For that to happen, it’s vital to develop a well-researched strategy together, and you simply won’t find better Facebook advertising strategists than at First Page.

Due to the overwhelming number of options that customers have nowadays, you must ensure your campaign is highly personalized to increase engagement rates and click-throughs. Again, our team of social media marketing experts is well-versed in creating dynamic campaigns that leverage ad targeting to connect with Facebook users who have previously interacted with your business.

So. if you’re a business owner who wants to watch your online sales skyrocket, it’s time to get in touch with First Page.

Leads, leads and more leads with effective Facebook advertising.

Leads, leads and more leads with effective Facebook advertising.

Leads, leads and more leads with effective Facebook advertising.

The whole point of Facebook lead ads is to bring in more (qualified) prospective customers. By partnering with a leading Facebook Ad agency like First Page, poor ROAS will be a thing of the past. Our experienced team understands how to build paid advertising campaigns on Facebook with targeting that engages with the right audiences.

It is through our in-depth knowledge of your business and its goals that our journey of building your perfect custom audiences begins. Next, we walk a mile in your target audience’s shoes to understand their pain points before developing carefully-crafted copy that gives your prospects good reason to take action.

Generating leads effectively takes a lot of experience, and our social media team has an absolute abundance of that. We’ll create ads not just to grab the attention of your prospective customers, but to get them to click on them. We will also develop high-conversion landing pages that work perfectly with Facebook advertising to maximize check-out and/or lead generation.

If you’re wondering how to advertise on Facebook and get results that give you an edge, get in touch with the experts at First Page by clicking the button below.

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Facebook Ads Agency USA


Facebook ads are sponsored posts made and distributed on the social media platform that link companies with their potential clients. Since Facebook has the biggest audience of social media platforms, however niche or specific your products and/or services might be, there’s sure to be an ideal audience you can reach.

However, just because you can utilize their expansive audience, this certainly doesn’t ensure campaign success. You also need to create highly compelling and engaging creative, and stay on top of ad optimization to make sure your ad spend is being used as effectively as possible.

If some or all of this is flying a little bit over your head, that’s understandable! You’re operating a business and don’t have the time to cater to target audiences, market segmentation, ad optimization or creation. That’s where a quality Facebook advertising agency comes in.

The team at First Page has an extensive amount of experience with ad campaigns on Facebook, and our results-focused approach means we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are nothing short of blown away by every time.

Our top-rated digital skills don’t just stop there, either.

From Facebook and Instagram advertising to email marketing, search engine optimization, web design and content marketing and plenty more, we tick every box you’d expect of a first-class advertising agency – and more.

Facebook and Google Ads are undoubtedly two of the most popular types of digital advertising, and each of them offers its own advantages. So, the bottom line is that the answer will depend entirely on the end results you want to see.

One such example of this is the Lookalike ads feature that Facebook advertising provides, which allows you to extend your prospective audience reach into consumers that may not have yet heard of your brand, but share several similar traits to existing customers. This is a fantastic way to grow awareness of your brand to a relevant audience.

Conversely, users who are searching on Google are generally more advanced in the marketing funnel and as such, using Google advertising with carefully-crafted copy may be exactly what’s needed to convert them into a customer.

At the end of the day, each option provides fantastic audience targeting capabilities and each plays a key role in driving potential customers through your marketing funnel. All you need is a top-shelf advertising agency that has the wherewithal to understand exactly which channel is required and when to deliver the best outcomes. An agency that has experience working with budgets and businesses of all sizes. An agency that has a proven track record of outstanding results.

An agency called First Page.

There are several formats to choose between when it comes to creating a Facebook ad campaign, including:

  • Image ads which are great for driving clicks to websites/app
  • Video ads to showcase particular key features of a product or service you offer
  • Dynamic collection ads to display different products to different people
  • Carousel ads that allow for up to 10 images/videos in one ad, each with a unique link

The type(s) you opt for will depend on the objectives you’re looking to achieve with your campaigns, such as growing awareness of your brand or driving traffic to your Facebook business page and website. Your objective is also going to affect where your ads are seen such as on Facebook, in Messenger or across the Audience Network.

If you don’t have much experience making ads on the platform and end up selecting the incorrect format, it can end up being a waste of money. This means that in order to maximize your ROAS and minimize wastage, you need a qualified Facebook advertising agency like First Page.

Our team of Facebook specialists knows each of the ad formats inside and out, and understands precisely which ones to utilize depending on your goals. Long story short, we’ll get the absolute most out of your advertising budget and show you just how effective Facebook is as an ad platform.

From small businesses to multinational companies and everything in between, setting up automatic placements on Facebook is a fantastic way to bring in more customers. However, if you’re not well-versed in how it all works, it can be a fruitless endeavor to undertake.

As a leading Facebook ad agency, we make sure the advertising budgets of the companies and businesses we work with are stretched as far as possible. This results in exceptional ROI for every one of our clients and long-lasting business relationships.

Our social expertise doesn’t stop at Facebook, either – we’re experienced in Instagram advertising as well as LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok and more.

Any Facebook advertising agency worth its salt is going to tell you that ad costs involved will completely depend on a variety of different factors. Since every business is different, a top ad agency will never provide ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions.

For example, if your goal is to reach more customers outside your regular audience you’d need to have a vastly different strategy than if it was to, say, focus solely on overall sales. At a world-class marketing agency like First Page U.S.A, ads will be managed by a dedicated specialist who is extremely familiar with Facebook and your company. They’ll build a bespoke ad campaign just for you, no matter what your budget might be.

At the end of the day, a good ad on Facebook is one that exceeds the campaign objective. It’s important to also know that to best manage an ad account for companies and businesses, it’s essential to first understand who the audience is and what those goals are. And Facebook is its own unique beast when it comes to creating the ads.

Facebook and Instagram ads, for example, are very different in how they need to be created. Instagram is primarily visual, while Facebook can be a mixture of both visuals and text to convey the message.

Advertisers that see the biggest successes are most often in the good hands of a quality marketing agency, and if you’re after the best of the best, there’s really no better marketing agency than First Page.

Getting started isn’t too tricky; simply conduct extensive market research and competitor analysis, then determine end goals and develop a strategy. Once you’ve done that, create a Facebook ads manager account, select your audience segmentation parameters, and build out your campaign – make sure you choose the most relevant ad format!

You’ll also need to design your own creative, which (in combination with the copy) is a key component in how successful your campaign will be.

Then it’s just a matter of uploading your creative, entering your budget, time/date requirements and setting it to go live. You’ll of course need to keep a very close eye on it to  make sure you’re properly optimizing the campaign and weighting the creative that’s outperforming the others.

Alternatively, for companies who are looking to skip the above steps and fast track to maximize their ROI, then it’s worth engaging with a professional marketing agency that will manage Facebook advertising campaigns with superb efficiency.

Wondering what the right approach to your creative is? We recommend first conducting competitor analysis to see what they’re doing and which of their ads are most effective (highest engagements e.g. likes, comments, etc.). When you’ve got an idea of your audience’s preferred type of creative, it’s time to design your own – but that’s not all.

We also suggest creating a few different options in order to perform testing of your own when you set the campaign live.

The longer you work in the Facebook ad space, the more in-tune with your audience you will get and the better quality your creative will become.