Why NFT Games Might Be the Future of Online Entertainment

The gaming industry has been around for decades, but it’s only growing more popular each year. With the sector now bigger than the music and movie industries combined, a highly immersive virtual world powered by digital assets can deliver massive profits.

Alongside the huge rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, game developers are considering the possibilities of NFTs. These play-to-earn games see players compete as part of the virtual economy to earn rewards, in-game assets, and crypto coins with real-world value.

With these blockchain games delivering a new in-game experience, massive gaming companies are discovering how to implement play-to-earn features. Here, we explore the most successful NFT video games and how their game modes provide a digital world like no other.


Defining NFT Games

NFT-based games are exciting because they differ significantly from conventional video games. While games with in-game currency and an in-game marketplace have been around for a long time, this currency typically only benefits the developer.

However, play-to-earn NFT games let the players get in on the action. Using the blockchain, this decentralized system means players can own monetizable in-game assets that can be traded with other players.

With these transactions recorded on the immutable blockchain, players in a metaverse NFT game can sell virtual real estate and virtual assets with confidence. This fascinating play-to-earn model delivers an exciting experience alongside genuine income.


The Rise of NFT Games

Alongside exciting ideas like the metaverse, crypto, virtual reality, and play-to-earn games have quickly risen in popularity around the globe.

With the most popular NFT games capitalizing on our favorite game genres, but adding their metaverse tokens and NFT marketplace, the medium is proving a hit with crypto investors and gamers alike.

So, what are the most popular NFT crypto games? These examples enable you to earn money playing games with NFTs through in-game items and smart contracts.

Alien Worlds

The Alien Worlds metaverse is a top NFT adventure game. Here, users complete in-game quests themed around intergalactic missions that enable mining operations, virtual land purchases, spacecraft upgrades, and much more. Players also earn the metaverse coin, Trilium (TLM), with the more you have, the more powerful your character becomes.

Each planet in the game operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). By holding TLM, players gain voting rights regarding the governance of each planet. Meanwhile, this massive metaverse project also has several NFT rewards, ranging from weapons to avatars, that increase a character’s potential.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular earn crypto games where users collect Pokemon-like creatures called Axies. Players then complete various in-game activities to battle, spawn, and create homes for their delightful digital pets. After connecting your cryptocurrency wallet to the game, users must purchase three Axies to play.

With each Axie existing as an NFT, these are easily traded with other players via the game’s NFT marketplace for real money. You can also collect and sell sought-after in-game items like Smooth Love Potions, stake the Axie Infinity Shard native token, or have a virtual land sale to earn real money from the game’s virtual metaverse world.

Gala Games

Gala Games is one of the world’s leading NFT gaming platforms. This impressive digital ecosystem combines play-to-earn elements with NFTs to give players voting power over upcoming games, metaverse projects, and asset ownership across numerous free-to-play titles instead of just a single game.

By collecting the in-game currency, GALA, users can access special in-game rewards that enhance their experience. Plus, players can also receive payments for NFTs and items from the Gala Shop. With more games set for release in the near future, this platform already has a staggering market cap of $355 million USD.


The Benefits of NFT Games

If you’re considering building an NFT game, several intriguing benefits make it an appealing option to modern games developers. Here, we explore some advantages this approach has over other games.

New Income Streams

The way NFT games work means developers can earn outstanding revenue. With a successful NFT campaign fetching a big price tag, establishing a thriving in-game economy can deliver huge returns. While some games in this space are free-to-play, you can charge a fee to gain access, take a cut of marketplace transactions, and implement your own metaverse token.

A Growing Niche

Breaking into the gaming industry is a tough challenge for even experienced developers. However, the emerging cryptocurrency and NFT space have amassed legions of fans who want to experience how this exciting sector pushes boundaries. This gives your business and its first game the chance to find players from the beginning.


The Drawbacks of NFT Games

Creating an NFT game is hugely exciting, but you must also consider potential drawbacks. With the cryptocurrency space notoriously unpredictable and NFT games still in their infancy, you can’t rush into this space without a proper plan.

Unpredictable Market

If you’re unfamiliar with the NFT space, it might seem like the most exciting thing on the planet. Although it offers incredible potential, the marketplace is still undergoing considerable growing pains as businesses and users figure out how to make the most of native tokens and other metaverse coins. This sees the price of specific NFTs rise and fall with erratic tendencies.

Less Focus on Gaming

Developing your own game based on blockchain and NFTs can contribute to the next generation of gaming. However, play-to-earn games often emphasise making money rather than the enjoyment of simply playing video games. The best NFT video games carefully balance these elements to deliver a superior experience.


Develop a Dominant NFT Game

The most successful NFT games deliver players an enriching in-game experience while engaging with the blockchain and its benefits.

Whether you’re looking to develop the best metaverse game on the market or a series of simple lottery games, chatting with the experts at First Page helps you achieve your goals.

With our highly experienced team understanding exactly what makes the top NFT games successful, we can help your organization design and implement a campaign that delivers remarkable results.

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