Top 20 Richest YouTubers in the World 2022 – The Highest Earning YouTubers by Net Worth

YouTube has played a crucial role in the rise of influencer marketing. In the early days of the platform, achieving over a million subscribers was considered the holy grail. However, as countless YouTube channels have continued to soar in popularity, now about 30,000 creators have achieved the seven-figure milestone.

In fact, a mind-boggling five billion YouTube videos are watched every day, with everything from makeup tutorials to comedy videos attracting dedicated viewers who love to watch their favorite YouTube stars do what they do best. However, establishing a YouTube career only became possible when the platform adopted video advertising in 2007.

With the brains behind YouTube making the wise decision to split this revenue with the video creators, the most popular YouTube channels generate massive income from this model. Meanwhile, other revenue streams like sponsored content, in-person events and personalized merchandise like a clothing line all help YouTube channels maximize their earnings.

If you’re keen to find out how the highest-paid YouTube stars have spawned their success, we’ve explored how creating videos has become such a hugely lucrative endeavor. Consider how the richest YouTubers have developed their careers and start posting exceptional content on your own channel.

20. Emma Chamberlain: $12 Million Estimated Net Worth

Rising to fame as a teenager, American YouTuber Emma Chamberlain burst onto the global stage in 2o18, with her unique brand of humor skyrocketing her subscriber count. Now with 11.9 million fans subscribed to her YouTube account, she has become beloved for her hilarious fashion, makeup, travel, and food content.

Having moved to Los Angeles, she established the YouTube collective Sister Squad with other popular creators James Charles and The Dolan Twins. With her YouTube channel going from strength to strength, Chamberlain’s irreverent style has seen her collaborate with numerous leading brands, including Vogue and Louis Vuitton.

In addition, she has created her own fashion line, called ‘High Key by Emma Chamberlain’, and even founded an online coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee. Alongside her massively successful YouTube channel, these business ventures have pushed her net worth into the eight figures.

19. Roman Atwood: $14.5 Million Estimated Net Worth

Prank videos have become one of the most popular types of video content on YouTube, with Roman Atwood leading the way since 2009. Although prank videos were how Atwood first achieved success on the platform, he has since grown even bigger with his second channel dedicated to daily vlogs generating more than five billion views.

As a creator that helped define viral content, several of Roman Atwood’s pranks videos have generated enormous views. His most successful video, ‘Anniversary Prank Backfires’ currently stands at an impressive 93 million views, while he also has more than 10 vlogs with over 20 million views.

The massive success of Atwood’s YouTube channels has seen him appear in films and TV shows, while he has held worldwide tours performing to fans in the United Kingdom and Canada. Alongside a clothing line, NFTs, and numerous brand endorsements, Atwood’s YouTube videos have been hugely influential.

18. KSI: $15 million Million Estimated Net Worth

KSI is an English YouTuber that has built an incredible empire off the back of his success from posting videos. Since he started his YouTube channel in 2009, he’s become globally recognized for his gaming-commentary videos. In particular, he is associated with the FIFA video game series where he provides hilarious content.

Now with over 41 million subscribers and 10 billion views, KSI has expanded into other creative outlets. In 2020, he launched his music career with the release of his first album, which debuted at number two on the UK charts. Then, his second album debuted at number one, with five singles reaching the top five.

KSI’s popularity has grown alongside collaborations with other famous YouTubers, including boxing matches against Logan Paul. Meanwhile, KSI has appeared in feature films, published video games, and founded the Prime water company, which sponsors sporting properties like Arsenal F.C. and NASCAR driver Timmy Hill.

17. David Dobrik: $15 Million Estimated Net Worth

David Dobrik has established a massive audience since he first rose to fame on the internet in 2013. However, this YouTube sensation got his start on the beloved but short-lived platform Vine, which served as an early predecessor to TikTok. Here, he collaborated with other stars on the platform, including Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, and Jason Nash.

Having joined YouTube in 2015, Dobrik’s popularity quickly grew alongside funny prank videos, comedy routines, and appearances with several teen personalities. Featuring a recurring cast of familiar faces, this ensemble eventually became known as The Vlog Squad, helping the most popular members become some of the highest-paid YouTube stars.

Alongside this success, Dobrik has increased his net worth through numerous business ventures, like the mobile camera app Dispo. Plus, he’s benefited from endorsement deals with well-known brands, including HelloFresh, DoorDash, EA, and Bumble, while appearing on reality TV shows such as Nickelodeon’s ‘America’s Most Musical Family’.

16. Jacksepticeye: $16 Million Estimated Net Worth

Irish internet personality Jacksepticeye, aka Seán William McLoughlin, has become one of the biggest YouTubers in the world for gaming content. As one of the most profitable niches on the platform, his YouTube channel features more than 15.5 billion views and 28.8 million subscribers.

Having launched his own YouTube channel in 2013, where he initially uploaded voice actor videos, Jacksepticeye soon transitioned to gaming content where he developed his massively popular Let’s Play videos. As the most subscribed channel in Ireland, his frequent vlogs also generate millions of views.

Outside of posting YouTube videos, Jacksepticeye has launched several successful businesses. One of the most popular is the gamer-focused clothing brand Cloak, which he started alongside YouTuber Markiplier. In addition, his coffee company, Top of The Mornin’ Coffee, has proved an enormous success.

15. Preston Arsement: $20 Million Estimated Net Worth

Preston Arsement has developed his following on YouTube across multiple channels since 2010, where he posts gaming commentary videos, prank content, hilarious challenges, and more. With his main channel amassing over 21 million subscribers, Preston’s upbeat personality and creative content have earned him a tremendous following.

Focused on teens who love gaming, Preston’s most popular YouTube channel is largely dedicated to games such as Fortnight, Roblox, and Among Us. Meanwhile, his Minecraft videos have reached millions of viewers, as the game become one of the most popular of all time.

Today, Preston Arsement is one of the richest YouTubers, with an estimated net worth of $20 million. Through hugely successful merchandise, sponsored YouTube videos, brand deals, and even cameo appearances in movies like Sonic The Hedgehog 2, he remains one of the biggest YouTube channels.

14. Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal: $20 Million Estimated Net Worth

Rhett and Link have been active on YouTube for more than 15 years, yet the long-standing duo first became friends in 1984 at their North Carolina elementary school. After earning engineering degrees and working for a period in the industry, the pair has pursued their love for comedy and video production on YouTube since 2006.

Rhett and Link have produced videos for numerous channels, but their main channel, Good Mythical Morning, has undoubtedly been their biggest success. To an audience of 17.9 million subscribers, the duo eats bizarre foods, explores new products, and dives into internet trends in hilarious fashion.

Thanks to the family-friendly nature of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link have enjoyed lucrative endorsements with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Alka-Seltzer, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Cadillac. Plus, they’ve launched popular podcasts, released music videos, and toured a live event internationally.

13. Nastya: $20 Million Estimated Net Worth

Born in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, Anastasia Radzinskaya might only be eight years old, but she’s already one of the richest YouTubers. Featuring a combined audience of more than 160 million subscribers across six channels, she and her parents started posting videos in 2016 across children’s songs, educational videos, and vlogs.

With her main channel offering 102 million subscribers, her parents made the wise decision to dub all content on the Like Nastya YouTube channel in multiple languages, including German, Arabic, Spanish and Korean. This made her content incredibly accessible to fans around the globe, helping make her one of the most subscribed channels today.

12. Lilly Singh: $20 Million Estimated Net Worth

Lilly Singh has become a genuine YouTube star since creating her first YouTube channel in 2010. Through comedy sketches and inspirational vlogs, she has a combined subscriber count of 17.9 million people who watch her lifestyle content and hilarious collaborations with stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Liza Koshy.

Named by Forbes as one of the 40 most powerful people in comedy in 2019, Singh has received countless awards for her YouTube channels. However, she has also broken into the mainstream, with her worldwide tours, documentaries, and self-help books reaching fans around the globe.

Having appeared in music videos by legendary artists such as Beyonce, Maroon 5, and Cardi B, Singh has also endorsed products by Pantene and Calvin Klein. Meanwhile, she also hosted the television talk show, ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’, while also working as a voice actor in hit Hollywood animated films.

11. James Charles: $22 Million Estimated Net Worth

James Charles is a hugely popular beauty YouTube with an impressive 23.8 million subscribers. As one of the fastest-growing channels on the platform at the time, Charles first posted makeup tutorials in 2015, with his early content achieving viral success.

Even though he was still a teenager, James Charles became the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl cosmetics in 2016, while he soon launched a fashion line and makeup collections alongside a selection of leading beauty brands.

Now one of the highest-paid YouTubers on the platform, Charles has also produced videos alongside a variety of world-famous celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Lil Nas X.

10. Evan Fong: $25 Million Estimated Net Worth

Evan Fong, also known as Vanoss, is one of Canada’s most famous internet personalities. Known as a supremely funny video game commentator, music producer, and DJ, his content is particularly associated with games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

With Fong’s YouTube channel benefiting from a mind-blowing 25.5 million followers, he has remained one of the biggest users on the platform for more than a decade, as people love to binge his gaming montages and compilation content.

Alongside sponsored videos and endorsements from numerous popular brands, Fong has also created the Paranormal Action Squad animated series for YouTube Red. In addition, his flourishing music career has expanded his reach to even more fans.

9. MrBeast: $25 Million Estimated Net Worth

It’s hard to find a YouTube star that has generated more viral success than MrBeast. Renowned for his ridiculously expensive stunts, his main channel now features 109 million subscribers, making him one of the most famous YouTubers in the world.

Considered the leading pioneer of this video format, MrBeast frequently hosts ‘influencer tournaments’ where some of the internet’s best-known personalities battle for big prize money. His recreation of the Squid Game TV series – where 456 people competed for $456,000 in prize money – reached a staggering 297 million views.

As a favorite YouTube star for countless people, MrBeast has also launched numerous profitable ventures, including the MrBeast Burger and Feastables snack bars. Plus, he’s well-known for raising millions for charity campaigns.

8. Jake Paul: $30 Million Estimated Net Worth

Jake Paul has filmed videos alongside his equally famous brother, Logan, since the pair was just ten years old. However, it was Vine where he first found success, with his account amassing 5.3 million followers and over 2 billion views.

Alongside his growing YouTube fame, this early celebrity earned him a role on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. Yet he soon turned his attention full-time to his YouTube channel, as he began posting pranks, music videos, and more.

In recent times, Jake Paul has launched a budding boxing career, with matches against professional MMA fighters. Broadcast via pay-per-view, this international attention has helped him become one of the richest YouTubers around.

7. Ryan Kaji: $32 Million Estimated Net Worth

As the star of Ryan’s World – the 11th-most viewed YouTube channel – Ryan Kaji is perhaps the best-known internet personality for children. Launched in 2015, the channel has achieved over 52 billion views from unboxing and vlog content.

Supported by parents Shion and Loann, Ryan’s toy reviews and engaging content helped redefine children’s videos on the platform. In fact, Ryan’s World is so influential that his latest reviews can affect global toy sales.

With many Ryan’s World videos featuring paid product placement, this format has helped him become one of the richest YouTubers in the world. Plus, he has a TV series on Amazon Kids+ and licensed video games for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

6. Daniel Middleton: $35 Million Estimated Net Worth

British YouTuber Dan Middleton, known online as DanTDM, is now considered one of the richest YouTubers in the world thanks to his immensely popular video game commentary content for games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokemon.

Since the start of his YouTube career in 2012, his content has remained aimed at younger people, with his subscriber count across multiple channels soaring to 31.9 million. Meanwhile, he’s generated over 20.7 billion combined views.

In addition to gaming content, DanTDM has released a series of graphic novels that sat at the top of The New York Times Best Seller list for 11 weeks. Meanwhile, he produced the web series, ‘DanTDM Creates a Big Scene’, exclusively for YouTube Red.

5. Markiplier: $35 Million Estimated Net Worth

Markiplier, aka Mark Edward Fischbach, has appeared near the top of the list of the richest YouTubers in the world for several years. Having launched his first YouTube channel in 2012, he initially focused on sketch comedy content alongside gaming playthrough videos.

With a focus on horror-based video games, Markiplier’s Five Nights at Freddy’s video series has been his most popular to date, reaching over 100 million views since its release in 2014. However, he has also branched out into numerous areas outside YouTube.

For example, Markiplier has produced several successful podcast series dedicated to horror stories, while his clothing brand Cloak has achieved widespread popularity. Nowadays, Markiplier is one of the platform’s leading voices.

4. Logan Paul: $35 Million Estimated Net Worth

Alongside his brother Jake, Logan Paul is a name synonymous with YouTube. Although he first found an audience on Vine through sketch comedy clips, he emerged as a world-renowned social media personality with more than 23 million subscribers.

Through a mix of prank content, challenges and other controversial videos, Logan Paul generated a massive amount of online attention throughout the 2010s. However, he soon expanded his horizons beyond the online world.

Like his brother, Logan delved into boxing with professional and exhibition fights against YouTuber KSI and legendary champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. In 2022, he signed a multi-event contract with WWE, taking his fame and fortune to the next level.

3. PewDiePie: $40 Million Estimated Net Worth

It’s hardly surprising that PewDiePie is one of the richest YouTubers, having enjoyed a mind-blowing 2016 days as the most-subscribed channel on the platform. Yet his rise to fame was less certain, having previously worked as a harbor captain and at a hot dog stand.

Known for his comedy content, vlogs, and gaming commentary, the Swedish YouTuber’s subscriber count grew even more when his most-subscribed status was under threat from T-Series, an Indian media company. This led to a massive global campaign to keep PewDiePie in first place.

Following increasing media scrutiny, he announced he would enter semi-retirement in 2020. While he continues to release content on his main channel, featuring 111 million subscribers, uploads have become less frequent but more personal.

2. Blippi: $40 Million Estimated Net Worth

Children’s entertainment is big business on YouTube, with countless toddlers now having access to their parents’ devices throughout the day. In many cases, they choose to watch Blippi, aka Stevin John, a live-action channel aimed at under fives.

Launched in 2014, the channel has amassed almost 16.6 million subscribers that can’t wait to watch how the lead star explores the world with energetic curiosity. Meanwhile, the creator benefits from lucrative endorsement deals and product placement.

In addition, Blippi is one of the highest-paid YouTubers thanks to several educational toy lines, books, clothing, and more. Plus, the channel now has its own live musical, which has toured across North America.

1. Jeffree Star: $200 Million Estimated Net Worth

So, who is the richest YouTuber? While every creator on this list has earned an impressive fortune, modern-day cosmetics icon Jeffree Star has risen above the rest with an estimated net worth of $200 million.

While Star’s hugely popular YouTube channel has undoubtedly earned him millions since he uploaded his first video in 2006, his personal makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, sells approximately US$100 million of product annually.

Through collaborations with both YouTube and pop culture celebrities, alongside plenty of controversies that have kept him in the headlines, there’s no doubt that Star remains the richest YouTuber to date.

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