From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue.

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue
LinkedIn grants you access to over 740 million active business users. It’s time to supercharge your lead generation, profits and brand awareness.

LinkedIn grants you access to over 740 million active business users. It’s time to supercharge your lead generation, profits and brand awareness.

LinkedIn grants you access to over 740 million active business users. It’s time to supercharge your lead generation, profits and brand awareness.

There is no other platform that grants businesses the ability to target professional audiences so precisely. Incredibly, most brands are either focused on Google or Facebook marketing or have no idea how effective advertising on LinkedIn can be. That includes your competitors, and it can only augur well for you.

What was once a small site for networking with professionals and businesses has evolved into a top social platform that holds incredible opportunities for B2B marketing. In line with this growth, advertising on LinkedIn has become more sophisticated, allowing you to leverage LinkedIn ads to narrow down your target audience to a tee – the size of the company, number of employees, interests, and industry – you name it.

For this reason, advertising on LinkedIn has the power to deliver mind-blowing ROAS (return on ad spend).

LinkedIn ads are a golden opportunity to get your brand in front of a highly-targeted and super-eager group of professionals.

We can elevate your LinkedIn campaign to the next level and deliver crazy conversions.

We can elevate your LinkedIn campaign to the next level and deliver crazy conversions.

We can elevate your LinkedIn campaign to the next level and deliver crazy conversions.

Not many businesses or marketing agencies are proficient enough to run an effective LinkedIn advertising campaign. For us at First Page, LinkedIn has been a favorite playground for years. A favorite because advertising on LinkedIn has seen our campaigns deliver crazy ROI in the region of 5x to 10x.

Our digital marketing specialists can help you set up your account and manage your LinkedIn advertising campaigns from start to finish. With 10 years of experience and plenty of A/B tests later, we know what works and what is a waste of time and money. At a time when all you want is RESULTS, you cannot afford to gamble with your LinkedIn campaigns.

You can bank on the experience and expertise of First Page to help you achieve the goals of your LinkedIn ad campaigns, whether it’s exposure, brand awareness, lead generation or sales.

It’s easy to get started. Simply schedule a FREE call with one of our digital marketing strategists by clicking the button below, and we’ll get things moving.

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LinkedIn advertising can deliver amazing ROI for brands looking to ramp up their B2B marketing online since it is one of the easiest ways to reach influential decision-makers at all levels of the organization. Amazingly, companies across the board continue to sleep on this powerful marketing channel, instead preferring to reach their target B2B contacts through channels like Facebook and Instagram. The truth is, though, advertising on LinkedIn promises better conversion rates for B2B marketing.

The objective for many businesses is to persuade qualified leads to take action. The beauty of LinkedIn ads is that they can convert customers at every stage of the sales funnel. They can also save your business time, money, and effort because they can be used to lead important campaigns like recruitment and lead generation.

LinkedIn advertising can bring exceptional results for your business. The downside, however, is that achieving these remarkable results requires good experience and skill, automatically ruling out many businesses looking to take up LinkedIn advertising in-house. There is a reason there are professionals in every sector of life that can do specific things better than everyone else – whether that’s shaving hair, administering medical prescriptions or running social media campaigns. The same is true for LinkedIn advertising.

Teaming up with the LinkedIn specialists at First Page means you can say goodbye to poorly executed campaigns and hello to top-level expertise and experience gained from leading successful campaigns for thousands of businesses.

Before you get started with LinkedIn advertising, it’s important to know how big of a budget you’ll need to achieve your objectives. While there is no doubt that LinkedIn ads yield some of the best ROI in digital marketing, the ultimate cost you are willing to put up with will largely depend on your strategy and the activities involved.

As with other forms of social media advertising, LinkedIn advertising is based on an auction system that occurs within a fraction of a second. While there are a number of factors that determine which businesses get to have their ad displayed, the bid value and relevancy of every campaign to the user is what determines the ads shown and in what order. If you’re like most businesses and desire higher ROI, it’s possible to achieve this by employing an optimized bid strategy that factors in visibility vs expenditure.

At First Page, we can develop and execute a successful advertising campaign with results that your competition will struggle to keep up with, and better yet, we can do so without blowing your budget.

You might be wondering how LinkedIn can improve your conversions – and we don’t blame you. The good news is that advertising on LinkedIn has consistently proven as one of the best marketing strategies for companies targeting increased B2B sales. With an average estimated conversion rate of 6.1 per cent, not even the super popular Google Search Ads comes close with its average conversion rate of 2.5 per cent. But it’s important to add that launching an advertising LinkedIn campaign doesn’t automatically guarantee you such a conversion. Rather, the strategy and configuration of your paid campaign do. The good news is that you can avoid the guesswork on expected conversion when you partner with a top-ranked LinkedIn advertising agency like First Page.

Our desire to take time to understand your audience and what makes it different is what allows us to piece together an incredibly precise strategy that smashes expectations. Combined with our profound knowledge of the LinkedIn ad format, we can craft a message that echoes your objectives, making it easy to reach and convert your target audience. Our campaigns typically employ a diverse range of LinkedIn optimization features, which will enhance your campaign’s performance even more. Our ability to deliver results and surpass client expectations is unmatched.

You don’t necessarily need a digital marketing agency to run your LinkedIn campaigns. Although the network has been made easily accessible via the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, anyone considering doing it alone has to be aware that there is a steep learning curve with plenty of trial and error. Unless you’re prepared to invest a considerable amount of time, effort and money in the name of learning the ropes, you can’t beat the convenience or results that come from relying on LinkedIn ad specialists at a reputable agency like First Page.

Sure, advertising on LinkedIn on your own is possible, but you must be prepared to pour yourself into the process. You need to understand your targeting criteria, learn how to set realistic campaign goals, budget and schedule, as well as know how to put together a strategy and monitor results.

Retargeting is a feature of paid advertising campaigns offered by social media networks including LinkedIn that make it possible for brands to reach prospects who have interacted with their website, product pages or social media profile before without making a purchase. Also known as remarketing, a retargeting campaign is a key component of LinkedIn advertising that has the capacity to skyrocket your sales. A part of that focuses on the fact that retargeting campaigns are aimed at buyers who are already past the brand awareness stage and are familiar with your offerings.

As to how retargeting works with LinkedIn ads, it begins by installing the LinkedIn Insight Pixel on your website. This is a small code snippet that serves the purpose of tracking user behavior and conversions, providing crucial data that you can use to build a remarketing list. As the users making up this list have interacted with your brand previously, they’re a sales-ready segment that can prove key to your business achieving its LinkedIn advertising goals.

The best thing about teaming up with a LinkedIn advertising agency is that you get to benefit from their wealth of experience and expertise, although it needs no telling that the agency you’re considering should have a track record of delivering solid results. First Page is one such name. We’re known for our first-rate ROI on LinkedIn ad campaigns that have seen our clients earn millions in profits over the years.

A Linkedin advertising agency should offer a variety of ad types to choose from, such as message ads, text ads, video ads and spotlight ads. Dynamic ads are also handy as they not only allow you to target a specific audience, but also dynamically change their content based on the profile information of each individual viewer.

First Page believes our clients deserve one-on-one attention, which is why we will assign you to a dedicated account manager to oversee the campaign and keep you in the loop on how it is progressing. Often, this will involve regular work-in-progress meetings during which you’ll be furnished with detailed information about how your budget is being utilized to reach and convert your target customers. As a leading agency in APAC with a reputation to uphold, we strongly believe in accountability and transparency. That aside, our real work involves developing, managing and optimizing campaigns. As we get to understand your business and expectations, we can deliver a strategy that hits all the KPIs and achieves your objectives for a great price.

The expectation for every brand when advertising on LinkedIn is to implement the most successful strategy that can deliver outstanding performance. While this is possible to realize through a combination of methods, the best way to be sure your strategy will achieve the desired results within budget is to employ A/B testing. A/B tests allow you to compare and contrast two advertising approaches by giving you different sets of results to work with. This way, you’re able to tell which strategy promises better results.

A good A/B test yields results that are easy to interpret. For this reason, the best way to approach it is to test one variable at a time, whether it’s on your landing page, app, ad creative, copy, lead form etc. It may sound laborious and time-consuming, but by approaching the test step-by-step, you will be able to spot discrepancies and implement the small tweaks needed to enhance your campaign and maximize your ROI.