Life is short! Block out the haters now with our premium negative content removal solution.

Life is short! Block out the haters now with our premium negative content removal solution.

Life is short! Block out the haters now with our premium negative content removal solution.

Online reviews can make or break a business. In fact, 75% of customers trust companies more when they have positive reviews and over 60% will go elsewhere if there are too many negative reviews on online search engines. Who knows; it may be a disgruntled ex-employee posting fake reviews on Glassdoor or a competitor leaving bad reviews on Google and Facebook. What we do know is too many negative reviews can cause a lot of damage.

As one of the leading reputation management companies in the U.S., Removify offers a simple but powerful promise. That is, to effectively remove negative content across dozens of channels and platforms (Google, social media, Product Review, and many more) through cutting-edge technology. This effectively restores your reputation to where it should be, and quickly.

To remove online content simply, effectively, and hastily for your business, speak with Removify today. You’ve got nothing to lose because if it can’t be removed you don’t pay a cent.

Full-scale reputation management services.

Full-scale reputation management services.

Full-scale reputation management services.

When you choose Removify’s online service, you’ll get a team with industry-leading experience in getting unwanted content removed.

Stop feeling powerless and leaving the internet unchecked; Removify’s comprehensive service offering will bring your company into a brand new light online so your prospective consumers see nothing but positivity when searching for your business – or even yourself!

Take advantage of reputation monitoring and negative feedback removal using a unique artificial intelligence platform for 24/7 review tracking.

You can even build up positive reviews easily with an AMPLIFY campaign, where you’ll gain access to a single convenient portal. There, you can create personalized feedback requests which are automatically sent out, and in just a few clicks customers can post a positive review.

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When you’re running a business, your reputation can make or break you. It’s vital that you’re presented in the most positive light possible because these days, people are able to do a quick search on Google about you or your business name.

This spreads a whole lot further from what people are presented within the search results. There are a lot of different websites and platforms that people can use to spread malicious content about businesses now, from Facebook and other social media networks to specialist review sites like Product Review and TripAdvisor. There are even sites like Glassdoor that allow current and past employees to leave details about companies themselves, opening the door for any disgruntled ex-employee to say whatever they want – often anonymously.

With a proven combination of star talent and an immense amount of knowledge, Removify is the company to speak with when you want fake and negative reviews removed from the internet.

We are the most experienced team for removing unwanted online content, and have worked with countless businesses, removing thousands of false reviews and unwanted content pieces over the years.

But the top-of-the-line services don’t just stop with outstanding removal of poor responses, either. On top of providing the leading online reputation and content removal service in the U.S., Removify provides additional services, including growing the number of positive reviews you have on Google. This may even help your business rank better in organic results.

So, if there is a bad review or two out there about your company damaging your name, you’d like to boost your positive reviews, or both, it’s time to speak with the experts in removing negative content – Removify.

There are three key services offered that can work to drastically improve your brand’s credibility online.

  1. Reputation management: When someone posts a negative review, it can make a hugely negative impact on how other potential customers view your business. These services can effectively have unwanted online content like fake reviews that are displayed on the first page of Google Search Results or Images, videos and much more. If unsuccessful, you don’t pay – which is a pretty amazing deal!
  2. AMPLIFY reviews: In the same pace as fighting back against people who post damaging reviews, Removify can grow the positive reviews for businesses too. Using the AMPLIFY platform, you can grow your positive reviews by creating an automatically-sent feedback form your customers can complete with a few details. You can also use the service to generate a message on auto pilot that points to your Google My Business page to simplify the process for them.
  3. Reputation monitoring: If a negative review is posted, you want to make sure you’re aware a soon as possible to minimize its effect. Through our 24/7 monitoring service, you can rely on the details of the review to be sent through to you, at which time you can connect with Removify to have the negative online content removed.

Removify can help you to remove negative content across a huge amount of websites. Simply advise the team of the details about the review and they will get to work to have the content removed as quickly as possible.

For example, if someone is sharing a false or overly negative article on a social media platform about your business, Removify will review the activity and conduct the appropriate course of action to have it taken down per the specifications of that particular platform. And because you don’t pay if it is not successfully removed, there is no risk to you.

Requesting that news organizations remove pieces that negatively portray your company can be a very difficult task, but it’s not completely impossible. If this is the case with your business, it can’t hurt to get in touch with the team at Removify to discover what can be done.

The best thing about Removify’s negative content removal services is that you don’t pay one cent until the review/s are gone.

What this means, of course, is that you have absolutely nothing to lose and a heck of a lot to gain by talking with the bad review terminators at Removify.

Once the review has been taken down, it’s incredibly uncommon for it to ever surface again. However, if it does somehow ever come back, the ‘no removal, no pay’ still applies and Removify will get to work to have it removed once again.

On average, it will take roughly 2 to 3 weeks for the process to be complete. In more straightforward situations, it can take just one or two business days for the content to be removed from whichever website or platform it has been posted on.

At the other end of the spectrum, for more complex situations, it may be up to 60 days before the review or content is taken down. If Removify is unsuccessful after 60 days, you’ll receive a full refund and be kept in the loop moving forward on how the request is progressing.

We guarantee that if the content you want to be removed is still online 60 days after working with Removify, you are eligible for a full refund. This provides business owners complete with complete peace of mind when choosing our online reputation management services.

However, there are three options that will be presented to you once the 60 days are up, of which you’re welcome to choose any at your discretion:

  1. Provided there’s a chance that the actions being undertaken can lead to eventual success, you’ll be advised of the current status as well as our future strategy that explains the steps forward we believe can be effective. If you decide that you want us to continue to see if we are successful, you can choose to extend the time and execute the negative content removal strategy we have in mind.
  2. Should we have arrived at a point where our team doesn’t believe that any actions we take will eventuate in the success or there are no further actions that can be taken whatsoever, there may be some alternative options that can drastically reduce the impact of the content. Sometimes, these can actually be just as effective as total eradication. If this is the case, we will offer up the strategies involved in doing so, and if you wish for us to pursue them you can advise us as such.
  3. In the case of the negative content still remaining on whichever website or platform it exists on after 60 days, you can simply ask for a full refund of the fees that you have paid.

Some might think there are things that we do ‘behind the scenes’ in order to get rid of content online (the hired goons knocking on Homer Simpson’s door come to mind). But this really couldn’t be further from the truth.

Everything done to get content taken down is done so in a fully legitimate way from start to finish, whereby the hosting platform or publishing website gets rid of it completely willingly.

The actual process involved will vary depending on the specific website or platform that the content has been published on, for example, negative search results on Google. And because the team works with each of them every single day for businesses across the board, our extensive experience in takedown requests allows for fine-tuning and knowing the best possible plans of attack.

That’s why the Removify team has such a superbly high success rate in having content taken down across a huge range of sites and platforms. Many (if not most) cases require not one but a number of requests to be submitted to site publishers/platforms, which necessitates continued correspondence to eventually see success, and undertaking it repetitively for clients provides the team with a massive edge over every other competitor.

Ideally, you haven’t yet reached out to the website publisher first as this can actually make things more difficult for the team. So, if you’re yet to do so but are thinking about it, we strongly recommend getting in touch with Removify beforehand.

What happens is that if you ask for publishers to take down a particular piece of content and they don’t do it for whatever reason, that can lead to them completely ignoring any future submissions for the removal of negative results.

The vast majority of the time, the team will eventually be able to get through to the website publisher and submit a new appeal to have it taken down on your behalf, with a much higher chance of success.

It’s natural to want to respond to something you find online about yourself or your business that paints either in a negative light. This is especially true if you want to mitigate the issue that a past customer experienced when dealing with you in a public forum.

However, if you have done so and would now like the content to be taken down completely, it can make things a little more tricky as this can be seen as legitimizing it. In this situation, you may be asked to take your response down during the process of getting rid of the original content. You should also save it somewhere so on the slim chance that the appeal to the publisher is unsuccessful, you can go ahead and upload it once again.