Turbocharge your sales with a specialized Baidu SEO team

Turbocharge your sales with a specialized Baidu SEO team

Turbocharge your sales with a specialized Baidu SEO team

Looking to boost sales in the Chinese market? Then it’s a no-brainer to invest in a strong Baidu search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Baidu is the leading search engine in China, with over 70% of the market share in the nation.

Without optimizing for Baidu, your website could be missing out on bucketloads of valuable sales that could help scale your business.

Just like any SEO strategy, Baidu SEO involves researching and incorporating popular keywords, as well as making sure your website is mobile-friendly and able to load quickly.

Here’s where things get a little complicated…

Most search queries on the Baidu search engine are in Mandarin, meaning Baidu SEO needs to be optimized for Chinese users – both linguistically and culturally.

It may require extra effort, but once you start seeing those sales roll in, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get started with Baidu SEO sooner!

So. why not call on the professionals at First Page to speed things up?

We have helped businesses of all sizes and industries grow their sales to unthinkable amounts. Thanks to our marketing expertise, our clients have earned over $2 billion USD!

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Attract unthinkable traffic on China's most popular search engine

Attract unthinkable traffic on China's most popular search engine

Attract unthinkable traffic on China's most popular search engine

Are you losing out on business in China because your website isn’t ranking on Baidu? Our SEO agency can turn things around.

These days, having a strong online presence is crucial for success, which is why any serious business needs a kick-ass SEO strategy to stay competitive – and not just on Google.

We’ll apply the best marketing strategies to boost your website on Chinese search engine results, ensuring that potential customers in the world’s largest market can easily find you.

But, why does it even matter?

Higher rankings on search engines like Baidu mean more traffic, and more traffic means more sales.

Don’t let language barriers obstruct you from reaching the Chinese market either. Our global team of talented marketers are fluent in a variety of languages – and yes, this includes Mandarin.

Not only will we find the best Mandarin keywords for your page, but our fluent team members will seamlessly incorporate these phrases into your content to boost traffic.

There’s no need to settle for average. With our expertise and rigorous approach to SEO, we’ll make sure your brand shines bright on Baidu.

Don’t miss out on a lucrative opportunity to expand your business – let us boost your Baidu presence amongst a sea of competitors.

Our personalized SEO strategies will help you annihilate your competition

Our personalized SEO strategies will help you annihilate your competition

Our personalized SEO strategies will help you annihilate your competition

Have you ever been frustrated with marketing plans that don’t seem to understand your unique business and industry? We have too.

That’s why at First Page, we do things a little differently.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies in the U.S., we provide our clients with individualized attention so they can be sure they are getting the best advice.

After conducting a thorough SEO audit of your website, we will invest in getting to know you and your specific needs before creating a personalized Baidu SEO strategy.

No generic cookie-cutter approaches here – just a custom plan that takes all of your unique requirements into consideration.

With First Page, you’ll finally have the perfect SEO plan that truly caters to your business – and a Chinese audience.

Forget the second-guessing – let us help you dominate Baidu’s search results and take your business to the next level.

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Baidu SEO Agency USA


Baidu, also known as “China’s Google,” is the most popular search engine in China, used by over 80% of Chinese users on the Internet.

Note that Baidu is more than just a search engine – it’s a major player in everything from integrated music services and online payments to artificial intelligence.

With 700 million active monthly users and a market value of over $70 billion, Baidu has become a dominant force in the China tech industry and an important player for global companies looking to tap into the lucrative Chinese consumer market.

Baidu filters certain content deemed unpalatable or illegal by the Chinese government, so extra steps are required to ensure your Chinese website meets regulation standards.

While it initially faced competition from the likes of Qihoo 360 and Sogou, Baidu remains the dominant player in China’s search engine market.

Are you wondering how to make your business stand out in the eyes of Chinese customers? Look no further than Baidu SEO.

As the leading search engine in China, optimizing your site to improve its Baidu ranking can increase your visibility on their search engine results pages and drive more organic search traffic to your website.

More targeted traffic and leads often leads to increased sales, making Baidu an important online marketing investment for businesses in the Chinese market.

In addition, considering that Baidu has between 70 and 80% market share in the Chinese search engine market, it’s important to have a strong presence on this platform in order to reach the majority of internet users in the country.

We recommend partnering with a professional Baidu SEO agency like First Page for the best results.

If you’re an internet user outside of China, chances are your go-to search engine is Google. But in China, the main player is Baidu. So what sets it apart?

Unlike Google, Chinese search engines like Baidu follow a different set of rules and regulations in terms of content available through search results.

This means that certain websites and topics may be censored or not readily accessible on Baidu.

Additionally, Baidu places a strong emphasis on local information and offers services such as online music and encyclopedia entries. Conversely, Google has a wider range of products including email, maps, and translation tools.

Baidu also puts more weight on content generated within its own network – like its social media platform, Baidu Tieba.

Of course, there’s also the language barrier – although both search engines have English versions, most Chinese internet users primarily use their native language when conducting searches on Baidu.

To get started with Baidu SEO, you’ll need to set up a Baidu account.

Once you have a clear understanding of your audience and objectives, it’s time for some good old-fashioned keyword research. What are your competitors ranking for? What keywords do you want to target? Make sure you’ve chosen relevant keywords for both your audience and Baidu’s algorithm.

Once you’ve got your list of keywords, it’s time to utilize Baidu webmaster tools. They encompass everything from site submission and sitemaps to keyword rankings and search analytics.

In addition to incorporating keywords in your content, make sure maximize those title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags so Baidu knows exactly what your page is all about.

Once your content has been uploaded, regularly monitor its SEO performance and make changes where necessary.

Remember, it may take some time before you see results with SEO.

When it comes to Baidu SEO services, the cost can vary greatly. It all depends on the size and scope of your project, as well as the specific agency you hire.

However, one thing is for sure – investing in Baidu SEO is a smart move for any business trying to reach the Chinese market.

Baidu is the dominant search engine in China, and optimizing for their algorithms can have a huge impact on your visibility and success.

So, while the cost may vary, Baidu SEO is definitely worth it if you want to tap into this lucrative market.

Baidu SEO may not come cheap, but it’s a wise investment for businesses looking to succeed in China. At the end of the day – isn’t gaining more customers worth every penny?

If you choose First Page, you will also benefit from our no results, no pay policy – so what are you waiting for?

Sure, you could try to tackle it on your own and maybe even see some success. But why take that risk when you could rely on the expertise of seasoned professionals?

An established Baidu SEO agency will know all the ins and outs of marketing on the Baidu search engine, from understanding cultural differences to keeping up with its constantly evolving algorithms for maximum visibility.

Most Baidu searches are conducted in Mandarin, so without a good grasp of this complex language, your business will be sorely disadvantaged. The SEO team at First Page has fluent Mandarin and English speakers that can ensure your content is accurate.

Plus, it will save you valuable time and energy so you can focus on running your business.

If you want to compete on Baidu, don’t wing it – bring in the pros.