Are You Sending Your Email Newsletters at the Right Time?

If you’re sinking your time and effort into email marketing campaigns, you want to be certain it’s making the biggest impact on your target audience. So, how do you ensure your marketing efforts deliver increased open rates and click-through rates?

You must identify the best time to send out your email campaign. With a carefully timed email blast catching your target market when they’re active on their computer or mobile device, there’s a higher chance they’ll check out your marketing emails.

Although the optimal time will differ slightly for every business and industry, delving into your Google Analytics to discover user habits will help fine-tune your campaign to deliver emails at the ideal time.

Why Does E-mail Matter?

You might think email campaigns are a thing of the past. However, this couldn’t be more wrong, as innovative technology like artificial intelligence helps brands deliver email campaigns that resonate with the needs of their specific target audience.

According to HubSpot, 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the past year. Naturally, this translates to more website traffic, leads, and sales that grow your company’s reach and revenue.

Although countless businesses have found success with social media marketing, the reach of your posts is often at the mercy of each platform’s algorithms. A precise email marketing campaign lands perfectly in your subscriber’s inbox every time.

The Best Time to Send Newsletters

Whether you’re sending promotional emails or weekly newsletters, finding the best time to send email blasts increases your campaign’s performance.

We can determine the best time to send an email campaign by looking over research from each leading email service provider.

In 2o19, Campaign Monitor assessed 30 billion emails sent from companies in 171 countries. They discovered that Monday generates the best open rates at 22%. Meanwhile, Tuesdays deliver the highest click-through rates with 10.8%.

Omnisend also analyzed the best time to send from two billion email marketing campaigns. Their data shows morning hours like 8 AM achieved the best open rate of 20.32%.

However, the 1 PM lunch break and 4 PM unwind also showed promise during work hours.

How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Ready to send email campaigns that achieve your goals? Develop a razor-sharp email marketing strategy to improve on your previous campaigns and reach more of your subscriber list. Check out these tips to enhance how your audience responds.

Research Your Target Audience

There’s no point in sending emails that don’t apply to your ideal audience.

You must conduct in-depth research on your email subscribers to ensure your messages achieve your digital marketing objectives.

If you’re just starting a campaign for the first time, review your customer data to identify trends that guide your decision-making.

For example, the most popular viewed items on your website highlight an obvious interest that can be pursued further by sending emails.

You should also consider your customer demographics. Naturally, how you communicate with younger people will differ from older consumers who likely expect a greater level of formality.

Keep it Short

Email marketing data reveals that most consumers simply aren’t interested in reading long and winding emails. A weekly newsletter that consistently doesn’t get to the point will eventually result in higher unsubscribe rates, so avoid sending emails that drag on.

Campaign Monitor’s research has found that the ideal email body copy length runs between 50 and 125 words. With this general advice leading to improved email open rates, keep your message short and sweet to enhance your results.

Many experienced email marketers suggest using the “Inverted Pyramid” method, which places the most attention-grabbing information at the top before securing interest with a powerful call-to-action.

Optimize for Mobile Users

Since 2018, it’s believed that more emails are read on mobile devices than by desktop users. This means you must focus your attention on making your email campaigns fascinating to engage with on a mobile device.

So, how can you achieve the highest open rates for mobile? Make sure your subject lines are especially short – no more than 30 characters – to ensure they display properly on smaller screens.

The pre-header text also helps increase your click-to-open rate. This provides a quick preview of your email to subscribers as they browse their inboxes. Alongside a compelling subject line, this combination can drastically improve your results.

Add Eye-Catching Visuals

Finding the right time to send your email helps your business secure a high open rate with its audience. However, add captivating elements like high-quality imagery and graphics to drive home your message even harder.

For instance, business emails exploring how your team is outperforming the competition benefit from informative graphics that make it easy to understand why you’re the best choice for clients.

Meanwhile, e-commerce stores selling attractive products and services need detailed images to showcase why someone should purchase. Send emails with striking visuals to achieve high open rates across every campaign.

Personalization is Critical

The day of the week and your specific peak time for audience activity are crucial to getting the biggest response from your email strategy.

Yet in recent times, email marketers have had outstanding success with personalization.

This innovation sees AI-driven email services gather data on your subscribers to tailor your communications to their interests.

For example, a fashion store using personalization can send emails featuring different clothes for individual users.

Personalization can also be something as simple as customized subject lines that use the person’s real name. This simple approach captures their attention and helps improve your open rates.

Skyrocket Your Click-Through Rates

Achieve the highest open rate by sending emails at the best time each day. Then, use data-driven techniques to ensure your customers take action on your message. With a clear understanding of your consumers, you can send emails that generate better results.

If you want to experience even more success, partnering with the expert email marketers at First Page ensures your campaign smashes your targets. Backed by our exciting methods, we can develop a strategy that resonates with your customer base.

Get in touch with our talented team to find out how our unmatched email marketing knowledge will help your business thrive in a competitive marketplace with personalized and timely communication.