How to Stand Out On Twitter by Getting Creative with Trending Topics and Hashtags

Social media has become one of the top digital channels to reach and convert your target audience. But how can you use trending topics on Twitter to increase sales and attract new customers?

While the platform reached a staggering 100 million monthly active users more than a decade ago, the so-called Twittersphere remains an essential place for online discussions. With a tailored digital marketing strategy, your business can capitalize on emerging trends to reach a wide audience.

Whether you’re trying to increase brand awareness, promote video content, or simply grow your social media accounts, detailed Twitter marketing campaigns can skyrocket the success of your content creation.

How Trending Topics and Hashtags Boost Digital Marketing

No one person gets to decide what topics trend on Twitter. Instead, a complex algorithm considers how the sheer number of tweets about a specific topic in a relatively short period must mean it’s important for a reason.

The topic an individual Twitter user sees on the homepage’s sidebar depends on who they follow and the subjects they regularly interact with. Meanwhile, Location Trends reveal popular topics for users based on their specific geographic location.

With a perfectly placed hashtag or comment on a trending topic having the potential to kickstart a viral marketing event for your business, developing content marketing campaigns that capitalize on these moments is key to growing a successful business.

How to Benefit From Trending Hashtags on Twitter

Social media platforms remain incredibly powerful for every scale of operation, ranging from small businesses to multinational giants. Below, we delve into how your business can experience the biggest benefits of digital marketing on Twitter.

Prepare for Big Events

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With many trending topics on Twitter based on current affairs, it’s virtually impossible to predict when certain stories will blow up in popularity. However, you can prepare for ever-popular holidays and special events that get people talking every year.

With an organized digital marketing strategy, you can identify key dates in the calendar that line up with your business goals. Naturally, a jewelry store or flower shop wants to make the most of Valentine’s Day.

Use your digital marketing channels to reach potential customers with a clever concept that promotes your small business and drives engagement. With the right approach, you can get your target market to talk about your business.

Personalize a Hashtag for Your Marketing Efforts

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If you’ve recently launched a new digital marketing strategy, create a personalized hashtag to organize the discussion across your social media channels. This way, your fans can keep tabs on your latest posts and see how your customer base reacts.

By creating posts that include a hashtag for self-promotion purposes, random Twitter users that stumble across your posts can effortlessly discover more context. If your message resonates with their needs, these people will hopefully become new customers.

For example, if your brand hosts a special once-yearly sale, you can categorize these events with a single hashtag. As your existing customers grow and people learn about your brand, they can view the hashtag to see how the sale attracted attention in previous years.

Support a Cause


In the past, many small business owners conducting traditional advertising wanted to avoid touchy subjects that could annoy segments of their audience. However, nowadays, people want to understand what values their favorite businesses have.

That means you shouldn’t be afraid to highlight your company’s values through online marketing. Although some internet users might not be too impressed, using social channels to convey your brand’s support benefits the cause and helps grow your business.

For instance, customers want to know that you practice corporate social responsibility. By highlighting how your methods produce sustainable products, you can strategically target customers that care about the environment.

Market a Customer Loyalty Program

loyalty program

Loyalty programs have proven to be incredible for increasing website traffic and improving a brand’s sales funnel. Once you’ve established a business-to-consumer program that drives engagement, you can produce content marketing that promotes it on Twitter.

These strategic partnerships are a great way to enhance the customer experience. By rewarding individual users who consistently spend money on your business or promote your message via multiple channels, you can achieve tangible, cost-effective results.

Business-to-business operations can also benefit from a precise customer loyalty program. Advertise your campaign on Twitter with targeted paid ads to ensure your digital marketing work reaches the ideal audience.

Promote Your Networking Events

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Global platforms like Twitter aren’t just good for attracting a massive international audience. You can also focus your posts on localized events presented by your small business, like monthly networking evenings.

Alongside other online channels, such as email marketing and PPC campaigns, you can help people understand why attending networking events hosted by your business is worth their time and effort.

To achieve your goals, you can share Twitter posts with photos from last year’s event to alleviate pain points. You can also promote special guests and highlight testimonials from past attendees to prove your event delivers a stellar experience.

Reach Your Community

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Building customer loyalty is crucial for every small business that wants to keep its community engaged and outgrow other businesses in the space. By getting active on Twitter, you can play a central role in the discussions that impact your target audience.

With a strong understanding of your customer’s interests and behaviors, you can follow the most influential voices in your space. Then, through comments on their posts and retweets of their content, you can develop your reputation with relevant consumers.

Although this requires a dedicated approach and the right tone so you don’t look like a spammer, using a social media platform like Twitter alongside other digital marketing channels ensures you get your message out to the best people.

Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Ready to take your social media marketing to new heights? Planning and executing a first-class digital marketing campaign using Twitter and other hugely popular platforms ensures you capitalize on the latest trends.

With the right approach, your digital marketing efforts can dramatically improve your customer’s journey when encouraging them to purchase while skyrocketing your brand awareness and digital communication.

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