How Hilton’s 10-Minute TikTok Ad Won the Internet

Have you ever heard of a 10-minute TikTok? Well, neither did we…until now. The Hilton Hotels team recently launched a jaw-dropping TikTok ad that took up a whopping 10 minutes.

Yes, you read that right.

10 whole minutes! Just think of how many standard TikToks you could have watched in that time!

Moving on, let’s fill you in on this ad, shall we? 

It starts with none other than Paris Hilton in her iconic pink attire asking the audience “Would you watch a 10-minute TikTok?” Some users would immediately scoff at such a ridiculous question and skip the ad. On the other hand, there were plenty of people (including us) who were intrigued and ended up staying for the whole 10 minutes – intentionally or not.

The ad was a massive success, garnering 500k likes on TikTok (and counting)! The huge comment section is also full of praise with comments like “Applause to the marketing/creative teams behind this!” and “This is how ads should be done!”

So, what made this ad go viral for all the right reasons? We’re unpacking each element in this blog, so read below and take some notes!

Celebrity Appearances


Let’s start with the obvious: those celebrity appearances. When it comes to grabbing people’s attention, few things work better than a familiar face. And when that face belongs to none other than the queen of early 2000s pop culture, Paris Hilton, you know you’re in for a treat.

With her signature pink aesthetic and unforgettable voice, Paris instantly grabs your attention and keeps you focused through the entire ad hoping she’ll re-appear (spoiler alert: she does)!

In addition to the hotel heiress, the video also included other popular creators, such as Chris Olsen, KelzWright and GirlBossTown to further connect with the audience in their own unique way.

But hey, there’s more to this ad than a few famous faces. We need to give credit where it’s due!

Let’s take a closer look at the other elements that make it so memorable.

Incentivizing the Audience

hilton hotel

As part of the hotel’s ‘It Matters Where You Stay’ campaign, Paris Hilton tells the audience what they could win from ‘staying’ with the TikTok for 10 minutes:

  • Hilton Honours points (out of a pool of 10 MILLION points being given away)
  • Experiences
  • ‘Swag’ a.k.a. promotional items and merchandise

And more!

Telling the viewer what they could gain encourages them to keep watching beyond entertainment reasons alone. 

Being a 5-star hotel with global locations, it would be pretty sweet to get a free stay at the Hilton, don’t you think? 

Self Satire

Portrait of laughing young woman looking at cell phone

After Paris asks the audience if they’d watch a 10-minute TikTok, the first person on screen laughs at the idea, and another person remarks that “10 minutes on TikTok is like three years in the real world”. 

This is a clever nod to the fact that social media has drastically shortened our attention spans and made it harder than ever to hold people’s attention with marketing messages.

By incorporating self-satire into the ad, it becomes more relatable and less pretentious. It’s not trying to be something it’s not – instead, it’s embracing its absurdity and inviting us to do the same. And that’s something that can be hard to achieve in the world of advertising, where it’s all too easy to come across as preachy or insincere.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Female Videographer With Video Camera

Another ingredient behind the ad’s success is that it does a great job of breaking the fourth wall. 

But what does that mean?

Basically, it refers to how the actors are making meta-commentary on the ad, clearly acknowledging the fact that they’re “making a commercial” and “selling stuff”. This creates a more light-hearted and self-aware tone that’s less pretentious and more relatable. One of the actors even mentions that “Ads can be art…just like the plush beds and soft linen at Hilton.” Later in the video, you can even see the set and filming cameras in the background.

By promoting the marketing message in such a way, the ad forms a different type of relationship with viewers than a traditional one would. It makes us, the viewers, feel included and ‘in’ on the secret without the advertisers beating around the bush. 

This approach is becoming more common as audiences become more aware of advertising techniques and more cynical towards traditional marketing methods.

By taking the mask off and joking about it, Hilton’s ad can cut through the noise and capture people’s attention more interestingly and engagingly.

Video Filters and Transitions

Throughout the ad, we see a range of filters and transitions being used to make it truly stand out from the crowd. 

This is important because it helps keep people focused on the message even as the actors talk about the benefits of staying at a Hilton hotel. 

By making the ad seem more light-hearted and playful, viewers are more likely to stay engaged and pay attention to what the ad is saying about Hilton hotels. 

It’s a smart strategy that pays off in the end. By the time the ad is over, viewers are left with a positive impression of Hilton hotels and a desire to experience the luxury and service that the hotel chain offers.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Taking a selfie

Viewers with a keen eye will notice that a large chunk of the video is filmed using what seems to be a phone selfie camera. 

This elevates the feeling of intimacy within the ad, making the audience feel like the ad is directly speaking to them.

Despite probably being completely scripted, the use of a selfie camera, complete with shaky filming adds to the light-hearted nature of the ad and suggests that the brand doesn’t take things too seriously. 

Hilton’s marketing team clearly got the memo that consumers these days appreciate authenticity! 

Music Remixes

Remixes on TikTok are hugely popular, often going more viral than their original versions! 

Don’t believe us? Read about how Mariah Carey’s song made a comeback in our blog.

Considering how good the Hilton ad has been at responding to trends, it should come as no surprise that they managed to include a remix too. 

As the cherry-on-top to the campaign, the video ends with a remix of different phrases that appeared throughout the ad – all complete with heavy autotune and a beat to match!

Travis Scott better watch out, because now he’s got some serious competition! 

Is Long-Form Content Making a Comeback?

Now that you know what made Hilton’s latest ad campaign a hit, you’re probably wondering if long-form content is going to become more common in the marketing world. 

While some brands might want to emulate what Hilton did, it’s unlikely that 10-minute commercials will become the norm.

The modern consumer has a short attention span, which explains why short-form content generally gets the superior Return on Investment (ROI) and engagement rate.

That’s not to say that we can’t learn from the tactics used in Hilton’s ad, though! 

The campaign proves that it pays to think outside of the box and act on trends to promote a product or service in a more authentic, playful way. It also shows the importance of creating a solid brand identity and displaying it in an engaging way for the audience. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at the video and see for yourself! 

Trust us, you’ll thank us later. 

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